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Travel Protection

Safe travel with Assist-Card!

Even the most perfectly planned trip, either the most expensive to a very distant locale or the more trivial to a bordering one, may be spoiled by an illness, or by the loss of luggage, or by a car accident or theft. Language differences, other customs or laws may transform what would have been something easily controllable and even minor, had it been your own country, into a nightmare. It can be most distressing not being able to reach adequate local help in a familiar language at any time of the day. The Travellers Assistance service provided by Assist-Card is exactly that: we will solve your problem, and will take on the expenses involved the moment you need it so you can get back to enjoying your trip as soon as possible.

Assist-Card Travel Protection provides:

  • Travel Protection for trip cancellations, delays, luggage loss, medical emergencies, air travel accidents, rental car damages or financial defaults
  • Reimbursement for trip interruptions.

Travel Protection helps to ensure a positive travel experience for you and your family. Nothing is more disconcerting than encountering medical or logistical mishaps while travelling on vacation or business, or having to cancel a trip due to an emergency. You need to make certain you grasp the opportunity to make dealing with these situations easier.

The service Assist-Card provides is not insurance, it is Integral Travellers Assistance which is absolutely different from the travel insurance system. Generally insurance companies only reimburse expenses once you’re back provided you have filed the appropriate paperwork. Assist-Card will assist you right away, on the spot to provide the needed help at no out of pocket cost to you.

This service gives our clients the opportunity to have greater peace of mind. You know you are covered immediately. It enables us to easily meet our clients’ needs for convenient, worry-free travel.

Although Assist-Card is not insurance we also work through a variety of insurance vendors. These services together offer the customers one of the most comprehensive and flexible travel protection packages in the marketplace including:

  • Refunding the premium cost of a trip if cancelled for any reason
  • 24 Hour Emergency Customer Service.

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