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Crop Over

Hop Over for Crop Over!

As far as festivals go, Crop Over is the ‘Sweetest Summer Festival’!  Indeed nothing else compares. This Festival sets itself apart from the avalanche of other Caribbean Festivals with its strong historical nuance paying homage to Barbados’ rich past. And even with such a distinct Barbadian cultural root, the Festival draws all people under one cultural umbrella for the ultimate party experience.

And yet, Crop Over is not just about revelry. A potpourri of events is guaranteed to satisfy a wide range of appetites.  the crop over calendar has something for everyone.

Crop Over appeals to the die-hard party enthusiasts as well as the old (and young!) cultural purists.

Simply put, Crop Over is a jam-packed festival for all!

But don’t take our word for it. Let us take you to experience the Sweetest Summer Festival for yourself!